Meet Us

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Anne Gill


I’m Annie. I’m a theatre producer and writer. I’m great at working with groups of people on creative projects. I can’t stand the wedding-machine madness that so many people get sucked into when planning weddings. I survived planning my own wedding, I’ve been Maid of Honor more than a few times and a bridesmaid enough times to know what makes a fun and happy wedding. (Hint: it’s not the flower arrangements or the invitations.) I want to help you plan one of the best parties of your life.


Charlotte Kerr


I’m a chartered clinical psychologist with extra training in family and couple theory and therapy. I use a pragmatic and positive approach when working collaboratively with people, drawing on evidenced based programs such as cognitive behaviour therapy and compassion focused therapy. I’ve been a bride and bridesmaid and feel strongly that getting married is such a wonderful event, why not work to make the whole process as wonderful as possible? Like Annie, I really appreciate working holistically, so thinking about body, mind and soul when working with individuals and their partners.

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