Customised Workbook

With our customized Workbook, couples will receive a step by step tool to help them with every aspect of wedding planning. From the practical to the emotional, the Workbook gives couples advice on every aspect of planning a wedding from how to choose a venue, to how to deal with the groom's divorced parents on the day. Over the course of an hour long chat, we will get a sense of the greatest obstacles and issues facing a particular couple and will then be able to craft a Workbook that will allow them to navigate all the specific issues they see as dampening the whole planning process. They'll learn when to shut out the noise of the "wedding machine" and when to go back, check in with each other, and stay on track to planning a day that represents them and the life they hope to build together.

The Customised Workbook costs €150. The process begins with an hour long consultation, after which we draw up the perfect plan and send it to you.

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