Wedding Doula

What is a Wedding Doula?

A doula supports a woman through pregnancy, the birth of a child, and her first days of motherhood.

Wedding Doulas support a couple as they create and build the launch party for their new family.

We are NOT wedding planners. We don’t care where you get married or what color your flowers are. We know you can make those decisions on your own. Wedding planning is not always fun! In fact, it can be really hard and often frustrating. Our job is to make sure you, as a couple, enjoy the planning. We help you create a fabulous celebration with as little stress as possible.

We will help you create a day that will be one of the best in your lives; a day that will speak to who you are as a couple and a new family.

Our service provides structured practical support and evidence-based emotional, anti-stress tools to ensure that you BOTH get the most enjoyment out of planning and experiencing this amazing life event: the Launch Party for your new family!


So how does it work?

There are a few different levels of Wedding Doula support. 

Download our free Manifesto to get a sense of who we are. If you like what you see, have a look at our different services here. They include our standard Workbook and Toolbox which will give you the tools for a solid structure from which you can plan your wedding. They give tips on how to make wedding planning fun for you both, tools on list-making and prioritization, and information about how to navigate tricky emotional waters with each other and family members. 

Want something more personal? We can do that! We offer a support service whereby we re-write the experience just for you. We’ll have a few meetings (either over the phone or in person), and talk about what it is you really want for your wedding and what you expect from the planning process. We will then personalize the Workbook and Toolbox for you and be on call as you move through the whole process for any questions you might have as you go along. 

If you are really feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your wedding, we can take it a step further and guide you through the whole process month by month. We can even provide therapy and greater emotional support as you make your way through the planning process. 

Whatever you feel you might need, drop us a line and we can chat about it to help you find the level of support that will be right for you and your budget!